Get your head in the clouds

What used to only exist in the bravest of imaginations, and now its a dreaded reality lacking in luster and legroom. It's time to bring back the magic of flying.

AD: Jayne Goodall

Packaging Redesign

Vlasic's brand mascot is a stork because they wanted to merge the stork baby myth with the belief that pregnant women crave pickles. This rebrand serves to kill off that dated belief to emphasize pickles' past farm life. Pickles and cucumbers come alive through packaging and POP to remind millenial parents and their kids that Vlasic pickles are the most fun way to get your greens.

AD / CW: Addie Berger & Alex Wilson

Freedom Seekers

Since one in six U.S. workers is an immigrant, on 4th of July, in celebration of America’s shared heritage as a nation of diversity, Budweiser will exchange one can in every six pack for a can that’s been specially designed to honor an immigrant’s success story. 

CW: Sydney Solis, Alberto Cuardra, Hope Thomas
AD: Remy James, Van Pham, Vy Phan
Hydroflask //

Bottled Beats

The Hydro Flask bottles are undeniably loud yet still loved by many. To take advantage of this, we got our sound designer friends to record those noises, and then we turned them into an interactive soundboard.

Visit at bottledbeats.xyz

AD: Will McLeod
CW: Sydney Solis
UX: Austin Lavalley
Denny's //

Always Open

You don't go to Denny's. You end up there.

CW & AD: Kelsey Whipple
STARTUP 2019 // 
Product Design


The ComFORTable is the first and only portable personalizable fort for children experiencing split homes. Our research found that children experiencing split or divorced homes feel a lack of control during this time, need an emotional expressive outlet, and a sense of consistency between the two homes. The ComFORTable provides all of this as well as a split cost feature so both parents can pay easily.

AD: Laney Roberts
CW: CarrieAnna Rose Kuldell
UX: Harsh Singhal
DSGN MGMT: Neha Tadepalli
Interactive DSGN: Johanna Suarez

Echo Dot Storytime

In a world full of interface technology, children's imagination is restricted by two things: visuals always being provided to them and always relying on a screen. Using AI and new voice technology we will create an immersive interactive story-time experience for kids.

AD: Carly York & Georgia Vannewkirk
CW: Andrea Garneata
Neilmed //

The Holy Nose Water

Using Neti Pot is one of the most effective ways to cure a stuffy nose. However, improper use of Neti Pot, such as using tap water, can potentially expose the user to brain-eating bacteria. Introducing The Holy Nose Water, 240 ml of sacred water, to wash away your worries and mucus.

AD: Vy Phan, Duong Le
CW: Alberto Cuadra

The Undead Battery

Batteries die. Which means, obviously, that rechargeable batteries come back to life. In fact, Energizer employs an array of witches, wizards, and the occasional necromancer to administer the curse of rebirth. It’s just another day at the Energizer factory.

AD: Alyssa Cullman
CW: Cooper Bowman & Kelsey Whipple
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